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Electrostatic adsorption filter material

Electrostatic adsorption filter material

What is an electrostatic filter material?
The electrostatic synthetic fiber filter material is used to electrostatically charge polypropylene fibers during the meltblown manufacturing process, so that it becomes an electrostatic electret meltblown nonwoven (filter paper), and the fiber diameter is 2 to 5 μm. In addition to the filtering mechanism of traditional air filtering materials, this filter material also uses the Coulomb force of charged fibers to capture particles, so the efficiency increases and the resistance decreases. At present, this filtering material is used in surgical masks (N95, N99, N100) that have the function of preventing viruses (including SARS virus). This material is also used in the anti-SARS air filter introduced in the United States in April 2003. . The disposable industrial dust masks (N95 standard and FFP1 / FFP2 / FFP3 standard) produced by Jin Yuxing Company also use this electrostatic adsorption filter material.


Due to the high efficiency, low resistance, and price advantage of this filter, this material is used in professional industrial-grade dust respirators. When the wind speed on the windward side is 0.5m / s, the filter efficiency is 0.5μm. It can reach more than 95%, and the air resistance is only 40Pa. It is incomparable with traditional ordinary fabrics, animal hair, and non-woven fabrics (common masks).

The production of electrostatic synthetic fiber filter materials has largely solved the contradiction between the efficiency and resistance of professional industrial-grade dust masks.

Brief introduction of filter material for mask:

    Filter materials for protective masks are mainly divided into two categories, namely dust-proof and anti-virus. Their role is to adsorb harmful aerosols, including dust, smoke, mist droplets, poisonous gases and poisonous vapors, through the filter material, blocking them from being inhaled by humans.
      For a good protective mask filter, the following three conditions should be met:

      First, the filtering efficiency is high when the mask is in good contact with the user's face.

      The second is small breathing resistance.

      Third, users feel comfortable.

       There are many kinds of dust mask material, including ordinary fabric, animal hair, non-woven fabric, etc. At present, a very popular non-woven fabric material that has undergone electrostatic treatment is a popular national standard. Why use static electricity?
The structure of the gauze mask is poorly adhered to the human face. Many fine particles that are extremely harmful to us will enter the respiratory tract to the lungs through the gap between the mask and the face. Its filter material is generally some mechanical fabric. This filter The only way to achieve high dust blocking efficiency is to increase the thickness, and the negative effect of increasing the thickness is to make the user feel great resistance to breathing and feel uncomfortable.

Non-woven fabrics treated with static electricity can not only block large dust particles, but also the electrostatic charge attached to the surface can absorb the fine dust by electrostatic attraction to achieve high dust blocking efficiency. The thickness of the filter material is very thin, which greatly reduces the user's breathing resistance and feels comfortable, thereby achieving the three necessary conditions of the good filter material we mentioned earlier. With good filter material and scientifically designed mask structure, it constitutes an efficient and high-quality mask, which can make you feel easy to use, comfortable, and can really protect your health.

       The disposable industrial-grade dust masks produced by Yangxi Jinyuxing Protective Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. meet these three conditions well. High-quality products sell well in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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